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I need a second opinion on this.

Dragonborn individuals are those born with dragon souls, as well as having the ability to take them and their knowledge, if I'm not mistaken. In a way, they're dragons within mortal bodies, or mortals imbued with the power and ability to kill dragons and gain more power by doing so. There are somethings about that that I need clarification on.

*WARNING* there are a few questions, but a lot of writing. If a lot of writing isn't your cup of tea, the last 6 questions are short.

1: Are the from Akatosh, Kyne or Lorkhan (Shor/ Shezzar)? Who is responsible for their existence? If it's Akatosh, it kinda makes sense. Your own spawn that you placed on Nirn deviated from their original purpose and sided with Alduin and his reign. But if not for that reason, what good reason would Akatosh have for putting Dragonborns (DBs from now on) on Nirn other than to lessen his original spawn? If it's Kyne...why? What reason does she have for killing them off? And helping Paarthurnax? If it's Lorkhan, who I think it is, he has every reason to do so. He, being the counterpart of Akatosh/ Auri-El) is his natural enemy, in a sense. Destroying the offspring of your enemy is surely revenge for damning him to his current state. Also, they could simply be reincarnations of Lorkhan himself, Shezzarines. Wulfharth was. Three times apparently. And it makes sense why no one was in Shor's throne in Sovngarde in Skyrim.

2: Dragonborn vs Dragonbron. There are those born with the power, and those given an amulet. I'm pretty sure that the former is the true heir to a long line of dragon a** kicking. and history seems to prove it. But why are those who are handed down the Amulet of Kings seen as "Dragonborn"? Theres an obvious distinction between those who slay dragons and those who keep fires lit. Is it just a name they're given for having Akatosh's blood? Or are they really Dovahkiinne (plural, not a typo). If they're not really dragonborn, where were all the real ones until the Last DB?

3:Miraak was alive until the DB dlc, right? Wouldn't that mean that the first Dragonborn was alive until the Last? That implies that simultaneously existing Dovahkiinne are possible. Arengir does say that it's possible others are around while the Last DB is. That would also imply that it's not a matter of reincarnation, as implied in my 1st question.

3: Wulfharth is dead now, we know that. But was he really an incarnate of Shezzar? And was he really Dragonborn? If those two aren'tthe same thing, then it's a heck of a coincidence to be both at once. Also, If Wulfharth was a "Shezzarine", that means he either is or comes from Shezzar/ Lorkhan. Does that go for the rest of them?

4: If Lorkhan came from Sithis, the embodiment of death, why create life, or anything at all? Isn't that the opposite of what he's meant for? It could be that he made life to represent death. After all, all mortal life inevitably dies.

5: I was told a while ago that Anu and Padomay are more or less forces of nature, and their sentience wasn't really something that could be explained, but is that the same for Sithis? Is Sithis sentient?

6:Is Lorkhan really dead? He had supposed reincarnations, and is said to be active under the name Shor or Shezzar, but what about Secunda and Masser? And the Heart of Lorkhan? has his energy manifested into an entity of its own?

7:Was Lorkhan really a trickster, or was he falsely accused of such? It's odd to think a being of such power would be ignorant to the effects his own dominion has on those within it. Also, in a book, it says Nirn was made for Mehrunes Dagon. Can anyone explain that?

8: Why only one "Nirn"? Is there a possibility that other mortal planes exist throughout the Aurbis? The other et' Ada must be doing something, and Lorkhan couldn't have been the only one with the idea.

Finally, the blood in the Amulet of Kings is from Akatosh, given to Alessia by Wulfharth. Why would an incarnate of Lorkhan, the counterpart of Akatosh, give an artefact from said individual to someone? Aren't they enemies? Are any of the universal counterparts enemies? Anu and Padomay? Anui-El and Sithis? etc?

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