What is the lifespan of each race?

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First off, hello to all of you :liplick:. This is the first topic I've posted on this forum. Look forward to posting and interacting more with you guys & gals on here.

I was wondering if anyone knows what the lifespan of each (playable) race in the Elder Scrolls universe is. I assume the Elven races could live for centuries, maybe even a millennia. Races like Argonians, Khajiit, Orcs and Redguards I'm not too sure about.

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We don't really know. The Mannish races seem to have human-ish lifespans in general (barring a few myths about extra long lives, or extra short ones) but there is conflicting information regarding the Merish races. The Real Barenziah indicates Elves can live up to 1000 years, while out of game sources indicate it's closer to 200. Most of the ages, concrete or general, that we have for Mer put them in the mid to late hundreds, or well into their thousands sooo...

And we don't really have any info on the Beast Races...

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Orcs are presumed to have a Man-ish lifespan

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I think part of the issue with figuring out the average Mer lifespan is that certain of them, such as the Telvanni mage lords, extend their lives with magic. On top of that, nobles have better food and easier access to restoration magic, and the Summerset Altmer are deep into magic anyway. It's hard to say what their natural lifespan might be when the only ones not extending it with magic tend to have low standards of living. Divayth Fyr is an extreme due to magic, but what about Barenziah and Sinderion? Have they extended their lives with magic or are they representative of what can be achieved with simple healthy living?

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Yeah. I think Sondas is a big one that calls into question the 200 year thing though. He claims to have been mining for more than a century, and yet seems relatively fit and young. I'd even hesitate to put him in a 'middle age' category, especially considering the career he's in.

There's also the issue of... 1000 years is a LONG time, particularly in a dangerous world. The Eldar in Warhammer 40,000 can live for up to a thousand years (or longer if they cultivate their psychic potential) but very few ever survive that long before being killed by something. So, just because an Elf may be able to survive for that long naturally, doesn't mean many of them make it past 200-300 years.

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The only NPC I recall dying of natural causes in the games was the Alchemist Nurelion in Skyrim. Doesn't that make it a moot point?

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Back in ESO, most Mer lived around 300 years, give or take, and obviously not counting those who extend their lives far past that. Closer to Skyrim's era, it's less clear.
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We have no idea how old he was, though. Didn't he also have some sort of disease rather than just dying of age?

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