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Normally, I would search on the UESP or other pages for information regarding information on Tamriel. Recently shopping for map art I noticed there are a number of islands west of Tamriel in the "Eltheric ocean." However, an internet search for more info regarding the history of these dozen or so islands gives virtually no history/lore. Does anybody have any sources on this?

Secondly, it also caught my eye on an ink map of a singular island to the extreme west of Tamriel, even to the extent it's debatable if it's Tamrielic.

It can be seen on of Western Tamriel. The quality is poor, but it appears to be labelled as "Kruda/Kruka/Krula" and is seen north-west of High rock, and is pretty isolated from the other islands further to the south around Stros M'Kai.

I can't find any reference to this island on any website, so I wanted to know if anybody could shed any light on it.

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Hard to say, but it could be part of what's left of Yokuda. It's roughly in a line with the others and, if what's left was a mountain range before, it could just be near the end of the range. Of course, it's not clear whether Yokuda broke up or if it sunk, or if something else entirely happened.

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It's Though nothing comes up for that, either.

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