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Would you like to see canon stories be released in between games, such as books, comics, animation, Fallout shelter style mobile game etc? We had the Infernal city and lord of souls in between Skyrim and Oblivion.

I'm pretty certain that the setting and story of TES6 has been decided upon, therefore stories released could help expand the lore in preparation for it. For example, stories of how the dragon crises has affected other parts of Tamriel, or the great war. It could also help flesh out the provinces that have a lot less lore around them. Just think of how rich and detailed Morrowind lore and culture is, compared to, lets say Valenwood.

Plus it could help generate a little bit of extra income for Bethesda, while taking nearly no resources. Fallout shelter made a fair bit of money for them, and although it didn't expand the lore or story, a TES game could do that.


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