Can we expect to see Jyggalag again?

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Seeing as he's free to knock about in the Waters of Oblivion again, it's safe to assume that at some point he'll have a tangible presence in the Aurbis once again, right? Granted, he's somewhat of a minimalist, but every Daedric Prince has their followers. I'm sure there's a cult of nihilists somewhere (probably Alinor) that love the idea of Order devouring the chaos of reality.

And while I'm on the topic of Jyggalag (who has the best name), are there any other Daedra Lords hiding in obscurity? We already know that Daedric Princes can be sort of created (Malacath) and twisted/remade (Jyg/Sheo) So is it possible that there are others we either haven't seen or could be created?

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In the, which is an RP interview with Kurt Kuhlmann and Bruce Nesmith of Bethesda, one of the interviewees, Haskill, outright states that the denizens of Nirn (and by extension, us the players) are ignorant of almost everything that exist in Oblivion.

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It'll be one helluva uphill battle. Every Daedric Prince is gonna try stopping him wherever he goes. First he needs to reform himself and grab a new plane to call his own and condolidate his power. Once he starts consolidating his power, you can bet he'll need to shore up his plane from incusrions by the other princes.

This is where he'll most likely fail if Sheogorath from Shivering Isles is correct. As Jyggalag is the Prince of Unchanging Order, he's likely predictable and slow to adapt to changing circumstances (or just bad at thinking on-the-fly). Having, what, 16 princes go at him using a variety of tactics isn't good for someone who is bad at reacting to changing circumstances.

If he's successful (most likely by hiding his new plane from the other princes), then he'll need to establish his presence on Mundus, and that's gonna kick the Hotnet's nest. Now, while the princes don't get along at the best of times, Jyggalag establidhing any prescence on Mundus is likely gonna get them to act as one entity and do everything in their power to stop him. As in, drop almost all scheming against each other just to deal with Jyggalag.

I fully expect Jyggalag to fail at this stage.
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Haskill tells the player character in Oblivion that there a numerous daedra lords beyond the ones widely known to mortals . So yeah, there can be plenty of daedric lords out there that either don't care about nirn, or want to be secretive and unknown in nirn for whatever reasons.

I'm not sure if we'll see jygalag return or not, but I do hope we at least see a cult it worshippers or even a shrine to him in the next game.
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