Can't decide on an Imperial name... trouble adapting Divines

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It might just be an aversion to Roman names... just none of them seem to be agreeable.

I am getting desperate, and thinking perhaps to have a "theophoric" name, see:

That is, a name which is dedicated to a god, or having a god's name in it. The article has a few examples, which if adapted to the Nine Divines, would be usable.

I think Talos, Arkay, or Stendarr would be good for my character.

Does anyone have any ideas how to incorporate those gods into names in a pleasing way, such as the ways listed in the article? The problem of course is the Nine Divines are not exactly of latin or greek etymology, and thus do not always fit when I try to ham-fist them to other examples...

Here I am trying WITH MALE... lets see if anyone can think of better ways? I have no education regarding language, so I do not know how accurate these may be, I do not know if "doros" is correct in all cases, or what it means to change it to other types in language:

one problem... I do not know how to pronounce "Arkay/Ark'ay".... mostly how is the "K" pronounced, and how is the "Y" pronounced


Talodoros, Talosdoros, gift of Talos?),

Arkay. don't know

Stendarr dont know


Talosius (follower/of Talos?)

Arkay dont know



Amatalos (love talos?)




Talosinus, Talinus (of/from Talos)

Arkay dont know


any other ideas? or ways to improve? I think in Morrowind the Empire is often inspired by the Roman Empire, thus latin names and language. But I tried as you can see, some greek. (and some latin is copying greek anyway)

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