Should i get Morrowind on PC? Is it worth it?

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Ok, so i allready have morrowind for the original xbox the none game of the year edition, but i play it backwards compatible on a old 360 with a crappy worn controller, and allthough the game is amazing certian things really annoy me, such as the bad graphics and the framerate and the crontol scheme, an the odd crash or glitch.

So heres the thing, i have a pc, NOT a pro elite extreme super mega gaming pc 5000, just a normal desktop computer thats hardly been used, its basicly brand new in terms of condition.

but i have tried installing multiple older titles such as "settlers rise of an empire" and other pre 2008 titles, when they work they work fine no framerate issues or nothing, but i have 10 games..... 9 of which i cannot play due to random error messages glitches and software updates that i cannot get because i cant connect to the internet on the pc (im on a laptop right now) so my question is, can i get morrowind on disc for pc and install it on my pc with minimul issue or do i need a DOS program or some other neccesary third party program to play it?

My pc is a Compaq SG3 series

AMD Athlon II X2 245 proccocer

2 Gb of ram

64 Bit operating system

And i think it has radeon 3000 graphics card

And im using windows 10

I really want to get my teeth into morrowind and the pc goty edition is just much better than the original xbox version i have

Thanks for your time.... You NWAH!

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