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In the past I had played Wizardry back in the early 1980s on my old Apple II. My son had purchased for me the Archives as a gift but before I could load it I lost it. I had been searching for a replacement for quite a long time and recently I found one at a decent price and with the book and box. Now I am retired and ready to go at it again, Victory!!
But not so fast..... I can get the disk to load a screen that shows all the editions on the disk ---- I click on the Wizardry 1 button and it returns a Program Loaded Pop Up but there is no way to find or start the quest, Setback!!
I am using a Dell Inspirion laptop running Windows 10. I expected to possibly have run problems but I would think there are some work arounds to get things started. So I am asking Is there any way to get Wizardry working or am I doomed to just look at the Book, Disk, and Box remembering the fun and frustration I had back in the 80s. I use to have a certificate that the people at Sirtech sent me praising my perseverance in defeating the mazes, I wish I hadn.t lost that too as it was a very funny dissertation of the sacrifices the player and his family had to make to defeat Werdna.
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Kat Ives
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You should try DOSBox:

It's an app that runs older DOS games on more recent versions of Windows.
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Thank you Chris that looks like the ultimate solution.

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