Gabe Newell: Comfortable with (VR) being a failiure

Post » Mon Feb 20, 2017 6:56 pm

Well, "VR" as we see it today isn't true virtual reality, it's just a pair of binoculars. True VR would be on another level. I think their first mistake was labelling this current technology as "VR" when it clearly isn't. It's as dumb a move as naming those sticks with wheels "hoverboards".

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Kat Lehmann
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Post » Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:08 pm

I will always refuse to see movies in 3D, I won't buy a curved TV, VR costs too much and is still too bulky, and it's only inevitable that people are going to seriously injure themselves using it...Just look at how much damage people did with the Wii remote and now just guess how much of catastrophe VR is going to be.

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Neliel Kudoh
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