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I recently started playing ES and bought the DLC Hearthfire. I started by completing the quest line and then purchasing the land and starting building the Winstad Manor. I then read on a forum about the Winstad mine and started looking for the cart that you have to apparently search in order to start the mining Mod. Well it is nowhere to be found, is this a glitch? I have uninstalled the DLC, Rebooted the game, Uninstalled the game etc. all to no avail. I need some help please. Thank you in advance.


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Well Winstad Mine is a mod. It's not part of the DLC... Do you have the mod?

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I have and am using that mod. The cart you are looking for is at the crossroads where you first come down from Riverwood to go to Whiterun. Can't remember right now if you have to be a certain level, but if you search that abandoned cart you will find a note asking for help in cleaning the bandits out of the mine which starts the mod running.

Information regarding starting up this mod is in the readme.

You do have to install the mod first, of course, but it won't cost you anything. The mods are free. Search on Nexus if you don't have it for "Winstad Mine". You might read through some of the posts from other users if you run into trouble, but the mod works fine on PC and Classic Skyrim. I don't think it is ported to SE, nor will it work on Xbox or PS4.

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Try searching in other mines, maybe a miner lend it for a while. Or just wait for it to be brought back.

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