Conflicts with dynamic item replacement

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I'm working on something using TES3cmd to generate unknown (i.e. 'Unidentified Ring'), cursed (i.e. 'Hexed Grandmaster's Pick'), superior (i.e. Legendary Daedric Longsword') and inferior (i.e. 'Flawed Glass Helm') versions of all load order items of use (weapons, armor, clothing, potions, apparatus, ingredients, lock picks, probes, repair tools and scrolls - I think that's it). The plan is for the scripted replacements to happen in real game play time, as the player targets new items or containers. So far the concept seems working.

I recognize a few conflicts that can be avoided, through a bit of extra TES3cmd+scripting:

- scripts and dialog checks using getitemcount and/or removeitem.

- items with attached scripts

Question - what other conflict(s) with this dynamic item replacement should I look out for?
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