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Ajira suffered quite a shock when she awoke far from home and stuck in the body of a Nord tin opener on the way to get his head chopped off. Her shock was even greater when she realised that she was a novice again, and that her extensive experience in mage craft - which she had obtained battling her way through Vvardenfell, Cyrodiil, the Forgotten Realms and most lately Thedas - was worth naught.

She enrolled at the mage college in Winterhold as soon as she could after learning of its existence. The first lesson she had to learn was that there would be hardly any lectures beyond the initial cursory introduction to the Lesser Ward spell. The real lessons seem to get offered in the form of dungeons stuffed with enemies that would kill her over and over again until she learned some important lesson.

Now Ajira appreciates the opportunities offered by places like Fellglow Keep, where she can have her pick of the nicely labelled enemy mages ('ice', 'fire' and so on) and invite one of them to tango. A bit of Healing Hands gets them back on their feet when they fall over, and so Ajira can play with them as long as she desires. For example, yesterday she sparred with a fire adept for more than a quarter of an hour in order to find out how the Lesser Ward spell could be put to good use. Although she failed that particular goal (the spell stills seems mostly useless to her at the moment and more expensive than healing), the exercise did increase her skill levels in Destruction and Restoration.

Ajira would like to know more such places, especially as it takes a while for them to get restaffed after a training session. It seems to her that the various forts scattered all over the map aren't bad for the purpose, except that higher-level enemy mages are too dangerous to dance with for any length of time - dispatching them quickly and with extreme prejudice seems to be the only way to stay alive. Which shows how much Ajira still needs to learn.

Hence Ajira would like to know rules of thumb how to pick places or quests suitable for practicing and honing her skills, without getting thrown into Mariana Trench style deep water and without nasty surprises like the Chaurus Reaper at Frostflow Lighthouse. For example, it seems to Ajira that Daedric quests tend to involve more potent foes than she can comfortably handle at the moment. She encountered death lords and whatnots and just barely made it out alive. So she decided to stay away from those for the moment.

If there are more places like Fellglow Keep, Ajira would like to know about them also. In case it matters, Ajira is a destructionist mage who works alone, since companions/followers always get in the line of fire and - unlike the Flame Atro that Ajira summons as a diversion when in a pinch - they cannot really take the heat that Ajira throws at her enemies.

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