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Once you officially leave the Soul Cairn after finishing the quest 'BEYOND DEATH'...are you ever able to return?

(I DID do a search for 'Soul Cairn' and NOTHING came up)
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Yes. And no need to either be a Vampire. It is said that when you entered, "a part of you" stayed there, making travel "safe" within :)

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SWEET! That's good cause I'm a loot fanatic...I generally pick up EVERY type of weapon & armor valuing 10-15gp or more. I finally started the quest over from a previous save just so I could haul all the loot I found from the vampire tower to Whiterun to sell(previous to entering the Cairn).

Thanks for the insight! ?
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Actually, AIBQuirky isn't entirely correct. If you chose to have a part of your soul trapped, then you are linked to the Cairn...but if you choose to become a vampire and have since been cured, it has been my experience that you are barred from going back and would have to become a vamp again to re-enter. This has been my experience, at least.

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And just so you know, the search function here hasn't been functional since 2014.... so that's not on you, that's on the devs.

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Not to hijack the thread but has anyone ever gone into the cairn the first time where you're given the choice to give a part of your soul or become a vampire by giving your soul? What exactly happens?
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If you give Serana a part of your soul, you do what you have to do in the cairn.

There should be a speech-option with Valerica. She will tell you that the black soul gem with you soul is somewhere in the cairn. You search for it and take it.

The next time you will enter the cairn, no further preparations should be necessary.

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Thanks for that clarification :)

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