Alcuin's Bane idea's?

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I started the quest Adluins Bane and I fought Alduin and he killed me again and again and again over and over again after about 2 hours of slaughter I gave up and reloaded a save and went and continued my Dawnguard quest line in the hope of getting Auriel's Bow then coming back to Alduin to kill him but before I complete the DG questline does anyone have any advice for killing him I have the ASA, The Mace of Molag Bal (which doesn't seem to hurt him) and I know the trick of using Clear Skies on the meteors but I don't know what I'm doing wrong because his breath kills me in 2 shots please help and just to confirm this is my first ever play through so I'm very bad at the game I'm also playing on Adept.
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Find Spelljammer, use it, take the level 50 block perk. Be sure to take/steal and use Dragonbane from the Blades HQ as well; it should be in that little nook on the opposite end of the longtable by Alduin's Wall. Also, spam Dragonrend when you can. The meteors can be avoided, so I wouldn't worry too much about them.

And have a mess of healing potions.

Long story short, Spelljammer+lvl 50 block perk makes you immune to elemental damage when the shield is raised. Dragonrend can stun Alduin, and makes him vulnerable to damage. Dragonbane deals additional damage to dragons.

The potions should be obvious.
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Post » Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:18 pm And, yes, keep forcing him down to the ground with Dragonrend.

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Additionally, you could make an Staff of Storm-Atronach at the

That would allow you to have one distance-fighter more on your side...

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