Help with snapping to grid andor separating NPCs

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I'm pretty sure this is just another issue of me not being able to use Google, but we'll see. I have a problem where two rooms are too close together, so as soon as the player attacks an NPC in the first room, all the NPCs from the second room run in as well. So I thought "Simple fix, just move one of the rooms further away." Not so simple, for some reason when I move either room, with snap to grid on, it moves ever so slightly on the x axis so that it doesnt line up with anything else. Even if I try and bring up the movement gizmo and only move in y, it still moves a little in the x axis. I'm assuming its because something in the room has a different grid that it snaps to than everything else. However, even with everything in the room selected, pressing Shift+Q and then clicking on the hallway I want the room to connect to doesnt help. So I can I fix the snapping issue?


What can I do to stop the NPCs in the other room from coming to help? I'm using templates for all the NPCs, so "lvlBanditMeleeAny" is one that I have. I figured I could start them all disabled and then enable them as the player gets close, but does ActorRef.enable() work on templates?

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sounds like you edited an existing cell. you can do a few things to try and fix it, but alot of times it won't work,

first, you can right click in the Render Window >> Render Window Properties >> Movement >> Snap to Grid ,and change the grid spacing. it defaults to 64 iirc, but that doesn't mean the devs used 64. try multiples of 2, change it to 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, etc. even try 128. if its not lining up properly,

you can then grab all of the vanilla parts by left clicking and drag your rectangle selector, and then just move them with snaps on (preferabbly default 64). hopefully everything just shifts and adjusts, so that new pieces you add can now line up.

otherwise, you will have to individually grab the vanilla pieces and adjust each one. Not nearly as bad as turning off grid snaps and trying to eyeball each new piece.

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As stated use multiples of 2,4,8,16 for Snap to Grid and when you start building your layout make sure it starts at co-ordinates 0,0,0 or 12,4,0 or some other set of integers and keep it that way if the co-ords become fractional numbers i.e. 12.2467627, 4.3456372, 0.0266747 etc it becomes a nightmare to get them to snap correctly.

Sound like the meshes in question are in a different alignment to the cell alignment, thats not uncommon.

n.b. moving them further away unless they're in different cells probably won't help their reaction is a mixture of relationship, faction, confidence leve iirc. MarkerRef.disable() works on levelled actor spawn points that would stop them appearing at least.

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