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I am running 180 or so mods and sad to say, I don't know how to list them out easily. OldRim, I really like most of the mods, and game is stable 99% of the time.

Issue, Miraak does absolutely nothing in my game...I have the Cultists show up to start the quest, I can go to the island, I can do quests there, all the way up to getting the black book in his Temple. Miraak NEVER steals dragon souls, and when you meet him in the Black book the first time, he stands there, no cutscene and you have no control of your character so you just stand there looking at him. Funny enough, is you can open console and click him type kill and he dies....

Anyway, has anyone heard of a mod common to cause this, or does someone need to give me simple directions to be able to list them here?? I know I am running the UnOfficial patch. I am hoping someone has seen or heard of this before and knows a common cause and can say hey try this and fix it.....

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