Do you keep secrets for someone else?

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I can keep a secret. But I don't for people at my place of work. At work I'm rumored as a snitch. Do I snitch all of the time? No. The reason because those people don't keep my secrets either. So I have trouble understanding and comprehending why they would expect it from me. Let alone my loyalty. It's not like we're in prison.

I work in an office all day. An employee comes in, and he's been here for over 30 years.... and chews me out about how we never have any money in the register and how it's stupid and silly and that I need to get off my *** and go fill it. Well, I always ask the finance manager and he knows if we have anything. My other boss doesn't like to bothered, which is why I bother the other guy. Basically I'm already informed. There is an office manager and than their is my boss.Those two people upstairs don't always keep money in the register. They always know. If the finance manager says that our boss doesn't have any money in their lockbox, than it's not happening. Why is this? Because most people pay with check, debit, and mastercards. People don't always carry cash where I live. So it's never been an issue.

After I'm chewed out by this guy. I go across the street. Get with the finance manager and he gives me 4 20's, a 10, and some fives. Although we needed one's. My co-worker however still bickers and I tell him. The next time not to say anything. If it's his idea, than he can go do it. I already know if we do or don't.

However everyone else comes to me for an appeal. Sure, I have a job above theirs. I work directly under management and yes, I have an obligation to tell my managers which is why I am where I'm at. I don;'t keep people's secrets because I can get in trouble for it. I have a family to support. Which is why those secrets lack importance to my other obligations.

So after this employee chews me out and makes it personal by referring to me as a lazy guy. I go and narc on him. He gets his *** chewed. He than comes to me crying the next day about it. Upset that I "told" on him when he's thrown everyone else under the bus. Everyone avoids him and he and are were never friends. So where did it say that I was supposed to keep it a secret? He harassed me over something he should have went to management over.

Here's how I work with secrets. If you're polite to me and civil. I will keep your secret. Don't treat me like I'm a lesser being and IF I have history with you and know you've been loyal. I will remember that and therefor do that for you. But if it's someone who is known to have an attitude. Than I hold no favors. It does help to ask to keep it between us. It doesn't help me nor them and if they tread on me at my work place. It can be problematic. Especially if it has to do upstairs.

I told the employee next time he needs to go to upper management,speak to the woman who owns the dealership and that he should know by now. He than tries to lie about it and turn it around. I hate it when people try to make me out to be a liar. But whatever makes them feel better. Which would also explain why they lack credibility at the work place.

I just don't like being treated badly over something that is pretty much above my pay grade. I don't know why people under me expect so much out of me. It's not like they ask me to keep it confidential. I didn't know I was supposed to keep it secret.

I'll keep my wife's secrets. I'll keep my parents secrets and my siblings. But if you're just someone that treats me whenever it's convenient. I make no promises.

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Cat Haines
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I have never, ever betrayed anyone's trust in me I've kept tons of people's secrets to myself over the years. I'm like Scar Face when it comes to keeping my my word lol.
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Depends who they are to me, and what the secret is. As I told my friends kids, the closest I have to kids in this life, if you say this conversion is between us, then yes I will. Unless it has to do with hurting themselves are someone else. Then I will discuss it with their parents. They completely understood.

I hate to "toot my own horn", but I'm very loyal to the people I call friends, and I'd like to think trustworthy! If I hear something from someone else I think they should know about, I'll tell them. I have very few secrets to keep though. I kinda prefer it that way frankly. I prefer open and honest disussion amongst my friends.
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Alexx Peace
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You know, i've never been in a situation where i know something someone else must not know. Then again, i'm pretty sure i have reputation of being stupid honest, so no one tells me anything ^_^
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chirsty aggas
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Generally I'm honest but I will keep secrets. So long as you have my trust, respect, love or friendship. If none of those apply to you I have no reason to keep it unless it's advantageous to do so or it would harm someone in the before mentioned categories and it's not really important.
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Stacy Hope
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I may or may not keep a secret, it all depends.

Wow, can you be more on the fence? :P

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Dark Mogul
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I don't kiss and tell ;)

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Josh Lozier
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Secret, secret I got a secret.

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Secrets don't make friends but friends make secrets.
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JR Cash
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You're lucky if I remember your secret come the next hour. People get lost in the grandiosity of their own lives.

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louise fortin
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Pretty much this. In most cases, I don't care about your secret. I don't get a charge out of spreading or listening to gossip. I don't like to get pulled into drama that doesn't need to involve me. I don't like to make things my business that don't need to be. If you tell me something in confidence because you want my help or advice, I'll listen and share my thoughts. Afterward, though, I never heard anything. I have no idea what you're talking about. It didn't happen. I don't even share other peoples' secrets with my wife. However, if your secret puts me or others in danger or is in some way damaging, I'll rat you out so fast it'll make your head spin, and I won't even be sneaky about it.

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Anna Kyselova
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This also pretty much sums me up. I prefer to not know secrets and gossip and keep things simple.
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james kite
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Generally speaking I'll keep someone's secrets though I feel I'm not terribly good at it as I'm the absent-minded type who sometimes forgets what's secret and what isn't. Though I'm less inclined to do so if that secret is some sort of miscreancy that's going to cause trouble for me or someone else, in which case I feel under no obligation: calling it "snitching" just sounds a bit childish.

Whereas I might slip up now and again (though probably no more than anyone else, really), I'm certainly not at the other end of the spectrum like some people I've known who, after being sworn to secrecy and promising, will immediately go and blab everything to the worst possible person. I'm not convinced it's always down to malice either, but whatever it is, it isn't exactly an admirable trait.
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Adam Porter
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If someone entrusts me with a secret I'd keep it unless it would be a serious breach of ethics to do so. Tell me you took a sickie because you were hungover on Monday and I won't tell anyone.

I don't gossip and try and stay out of the backbiting and moaning about colleagues that always seem to go on in any workplace,

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Robert Garcia
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Same here depends on who they are if they are friends ill keep a secret but only up to a point where its something that breaking the law and now they have involved you by informing you, i have always been loyal to my friends, even though im the first to get blamed if a secret has been, told by another one of their friends.

If someone at work and yes i have done this before tells me they chucked a sicky and i ended up a having to do their work, or they wont reciprocate, i will happily rat them in, if it means they get payed for having fun on my time and im not getting payed to do their job i will and have told the boss, one case one worker was walking out everyday and sitting in the toilets and drinking and reading the newspaper for over an hour, we had to wait for him to pass on work to us, the boss would question me next in line, and then get angry at me, so i told him, he walked into the toilets fired him on the spot.

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A Lo RIkIton'ton
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If someone tells me a secret I'll keep it cause after a period of time I end up forgetting it, however if a person tells me a secret and it's not savvy I will report them if you get my drift.

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Mandi Norton
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Undisclosed Desires
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Theres a difference between someone doing it on a regular basis in which case it affects their ability to do the job and someone who does it occasionlly.

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Betsy Humpledink
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I can keep a secret.. I just don't care 99% of the time to hear it in the first place.

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Angel Torres
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I don't know anyone's secrets and don't care to.

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darnell waddington
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Usually when people tell me [censored] I usually cart it off ibto the pile of [censored] I don't care to remember section of my memory..
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Margarita Diaz
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