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This is a complete collection of several popular book mods for Morrowind. Made for lore lovers and those who want more books in the world. Over 200 books added in total, both to merchants and hand placed. - Make sure to merge levelled list.

All books added are LORE FRIENDLY.

The mod adds the following book mods -

1 - Books of Vvardenfell - adds dozens of lore friendly books to booksellers.
2 - Atlas of Morrowind - adds detailed maps of several regions to booksellers.
3 - Obscure texts - adds texts from imperial library TES lore site. (Hand placed around world)
4 - Battlespire books - adds books from TES: Battlespire
5 - Daggerfall collection - adds books from TES II: Daggerfall
7 - Hasphats books - adds books on Nerevar to Balmora bookseller.
8 - Kirkbride books - add two books by MW writer Michael Kirkbride to Mournhold bookstore.
9 - Pocket guide to the Empire (PGE) - Detailed guides to the various provinces of Tamriel.
10 - Vampire books - adds books on the 3 vampire clans to Jobasha's store.

There are also 2 unique books added, the Book of Shadows to Jobasha's store (hidden in store if you can find it) And a helpful Scouts log, sitting on a table in Dorisa's bookstore in Balmora.

See original readme folder for credits and detailed breakdown of each book mod.

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Wonderful, thank you.

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