Will Bethesda Game Studios stayreturn to being King of RPGs

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So why is this even being asked, hinting BGS might not remain/isn't the King of RPGs? Well, if you weren't aware, and not that this is my personal opinion as I've barely played Witcher 3, but The Game Awards 2015 was a votes based game awards, and Witcher 3 won Best Developer, Best RPG, and Best Game Of The Year. That's 3 specific awards, all in very important areas. Fallout 4 was a nominee in those areas as well.

2016's The Game Awards' Best RPG went to Witcher 3: Blood and Wine which is a DLC. I didn't hear about a Fallout 4 DLC being a part of that category. Now, Horizon: Zero Dawn has had amazing reviews, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild is being released in less than 2 weeks and looks great, stated by... everyone with an opinion on it. These are 3 BIG games, Open World RPGs that arguably the only level of control they don't give the players compared to BGS games, is 1) creating our own character, and 2) modding.

It looks like the Open World RPG genre has been changing quite a bit, and as someone who would define a game being an Open World by having player freedom be the main feature of the game, I think all these games; Skyrim, Fallout 4, Witcher 3, Horizon: Zero Dawn and the new Zelda are pretty much in the same spot in that area, except that in BGS we can make our own character. But an important part of freedom in my opinion is being able to interact with NPCs and quests in any way I want, which is an area where I think all these RPGs are lacking, unfortunately. A mix of Morrowind's and the old Fallouts' level of freedom in player choice would make any of the newer titles in the genre as least twice as good in my opinion.

So, seeing as the field of Open World RPGs is being broadened and the quality bar is being pushed up, and unfortunately the level of freedom BGS games have given us has been declining to the level of other games in the genre(except creating our character & modding), do you think BGS is gonna really do their absolute maximum best with their next title/s? From graphics to story, narrative, polish, depth, all the way to player freedom? or do you think things aren't gonna change that much? Maybe you think BGS will go the opposite way and restrict things further? As we won't be seeing TES 6, when do you think BGS will release their next game and why? please share your thoughts and I hope you'll find this topic as interesting as I do. By the way, I don't mention the importance of changing an engine because I have no knowledge in programming and BGS games are the only games I know of that are built with modding in mind from the ground up, so I really wouldn't know what I'm talking about. If there's any people with enough knowledge in that area, it would be interesting to read your thoughts about that.

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