Thalmor hate the Dunmer? Or Altmer in general?

Post » Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:48 pm

I've heard many people claim that the Altmer (and/or Thalmor) hate the Dunmer.

If this is true, why? And, if possible, please provide a source.

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The thalmor probably do because they see the altmer as superior to every race.

I think many of the elitist high elves (which is pretty much all of them from summerset isles that are in positions of power, if not the majority of summerset high elves) probably dislike the dunmer because they were once high elves, left the homeland and split from the high elves, and then were "cursed" with dark skin.

So one would assume that elitist high elves would look down on dunmer for not only turning away from their culture, but also became bastardized and "mutated" in the eyes of purists. Especially the elves that live thousands of years and know the history of dunmer and altmer first or second hand.

Id imagine these high elves would see the dunmer as the same as the orsimer, as both were high elves and both became cursed in the eyes of the altmer. And both dark elves and orcs became more barbaric than the altmer once they split off.
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Probably many Altmer is general would hate the Dunmer. Apart from the snobby attitudes that some High Elves, and especially Thalmor, exhibit, you have to go way back in history. Not only did the Dunmer break away from the Altmer back when they were Chimer, but the Dunmer also primarily worship Daedra. That's a big no-no for the Altmer, who primarily worship the Elven aspects of the Aedra.

I can't remember exactly where this is talked about, but religion and the separation between Altmer and Chimer in the 1st Era is where most of their beef stems from.

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Look up Veloth to get the story. It was basically a class split among the Altmer.

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Post » Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:14 pm

Thank you!

Also, I thought the Altmer had an increased amount of Daedra worshippers during the Oblivion Crisis? And that Naarifin collaborated with Vaermina and Boethiah?

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Post » Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:28 pm

The Isles were heavily attacked and maybe had some adherents of Dagon and the Dawn, but the main inhabitants tried fighting it off.

The real problem is that the Thalmor claim to have solved all of it... when we know it was only until Martin that the crisis ended. So they're not daedra worshippers, but still full of crap.

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Well there's a difference between Dagon trying to destroy the world and the Thalmor using the Daedra to get a means to their end.

''I've heard that Daedra worship has become increasingly prevelant in the Summerset Isles''

''The Altmer are powerful wizards, it could be a dangerous situation''

-Rumor in TES: Oblivion

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