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So, for those amongst us who played ESO, which faction is the morally right one in your opinion and why? I've never seen a post regarding the three alliances and which is right, so I'm curious what people think.

I myself back the Covenant, since it holds true to most of the ideals of the Reman Empire -- and we all know the Reman Empire was a pretty just and rightful Empire. Aside from their akaviri potentates.

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See if you can find the early ESO site page on the Wayback machine. There were letters from each of the faction rulers, stating what they stand for and how they will rule the empire.

None of the them are "right". Or "wrong" for that matter.

Unless Reman was interested in keeping trading lines open, and keeping the gold flowing, the Covenant isn't much like Reman's Empire. The Covenant doesn't seem to be interested in much beyond keeping the trade going.

The Dominion believes the humans aren't fit to rule because they are "young". Only the Altmer have the intelligence and ability to rule with wisdom. Not to mention the Altmer are superior to everyone else in every way.

The Pact wants the freedom to govern their kingdoms the way they want, without outsiders imposing their laws on them.

If I have to support a faction, I will support the one that doesn't consider others races immature children, or the one who cares nothing for the people as long as trade is not disrupted. I'll support the Pact. {I won't mention the great majority of problems you end up cleaning up for the Covenant are the result of the fact that Emeric refuses to make decisions. At one point, after you stop a civil war and put down a vampire uprising that his refusal to make a decision caused, he tells you to pick who gets to rule the kingdom now.... I hope Reman wasn't such a waffling spineless "ruler".}

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I know trade plays a role, but it's far from the only aspect:

''At its best, it is a noble alliance of honorable and chivalrous peoples, representing all the best aspects of the First and Second Empires. And from this solid foundation, perhaps a third, even mightier Empire shall arise, providing all the peoples of Tamriel the benefits of mutual respect, vigorous trade, and reverence for the Divines.'' -Guide to the Daggerfall Covenant

''Rejoice, peoples of northwest Tamriel! Though the rest of Nirn is afflicted by war, madness, and Daedric horror, the glory and honor of the Reman Empire lives on in the Daggerfall Covenant. We remain true to the primacy of trade, the principles of freedom, and worship of the Divines.

In the face of a world of enemies, the trade powers of the Iliac Bay have formed a powerful alliance. High Rock, Hammerfell, and Orsinium stand as one, united under the rule of the High King in Wayrest. Orc and Breton craftsmanship make the alliance an economic powerhouse, and the military strength of the Orcs and Redguards make us a force to be reckoned with. Our kings join our people in longing for the return of a Tamrielic Empire, along with the economic prosperity that goes with it. There is only one way to make sure the right Emperor rules once more from the Imperial City: we must attend to it ourselves.

The current so-called "Empire of Cyrodiil" is a sham, a twisted mockery of Reman's glorious Second Empire. The charlatans who sit on the Ruby Throne openly mock the Divines and court the Lords of Oblivion, the Enemies of Man. Even the once-promising Emperor Varen fell victim to Daedric corruption, his reforms swept away by the puppet-masters of the Daedric Cabal.

The Daggerfall Covenant is the only true heir to the principles of the Second Empire. In the name of the Divines, we must conquer Cyrodiil and restore the glory of Reman's legacy. The cancerous Daedra worship that has corrupted Cyrodiil and threatens all Nirn shall be cleansed from Tamriel. We shall found the Tamriel Covenant, that all kingdoms may have a seat at the Grand Council under a new Imperial Dynasty.

Forward, soldiers of the Covenant! Freedom for all peoples in the name of the Divines! For a new Empire and a new era of law and justice!'' -True Heirs of the Emprie

''Yes, we based the Daggerfall Covenant arms and armor on classic Second Empire designs, and we're unapologetic about it. In fact, we're proud! The Covenant represents the continuing ideals of Reman's Imperium, the uncontested height of Tamrielic civilization, when everyone, even the Orcs, were included in history's greatest confederation. Insofar as we seek to restore those lost glories, we deliberately hark back to them in our designs and symbolism.'' -Crafting Motifs 26: Covenant

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