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I have some free time in my hands so I decided to write about some Dead is Dead character. I have an unfinished story of two characters I started on the General forum for Skyrim, but I liked it too much to try and continue it now that I′m relatively blocked creatively. It deals with religious trinities while trying to establish a contrast between two philosophies of life, and I hit a rock in the road, which has led me to think about my "constant character", NutBurz, a lot.

NutBurz is something I created on tabletop. I′m a big fan of Neil Gaiman′s work, so I took the liberty of creating a baby Endless, Duality, which sleeps a lot and gets various lessons from Dream about the nature of those who gave birth to baby Duality. In such dreams, Duality takes the shape of NutBurz, which is the subcouncious of a random person that Sandman decides duality should watch for a while.

But since Duality is such a baby and it takes complete control of someone′s subcouncious, the person is always affected by the experience, which I try to make as the point of the whole thing. NutBurz watches how people are and think when it first gets in contact with them, how they change once Duality takes hold of their subcouncious, and what they look like once they let go of it.

N?t-Bùrz is, I believe of course, a rough translation for Dark Sky in the Dark Language of Mordor. I chose that name because I believe Duality is a dark cloud over people′s judgment. I like to use as an example the perception that there are two things in the Yin-Yang, that Duality is the most important thing to take from it, and not the intrinsic interconnectedness of each part of the image. To me, the true beauty of the symbol is in how easy and didatically it shows that duality is nothing but an illusion born out of our flawed perception of a whole. There are not two things, there′s one thing that seems to present itself to our eyes as two. The division in two can have anolytical purposes, but it′s just as arbitrary as a division in 7, 100 or 60000.

This is just a project so far, I have yet to create the character, I hope I can produce something entertaining and that I can live long enough for it to look like a story.

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