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So I love the lore of fallout, the vast stories to be told, the alternate history. But it mentions and talks about what we haven't seen yet. I've heard that there was a commando style game based around the power armor wearing teams inserted into China, but that got dropped. So what I think is that there should be a two sided campaign where you play as both the US and China with each having a story based on a soldier. This could also leave the game off with the end of atomic exchange, and perhaps a more classic fallout game following either one, maybe BOS in Alaska and China
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Are you talking about Fallout Extreme?

By the time of the Great War China was no longer in Alaska. America had driven them out. The stalled American invasion of China kicked off again soon after that. China was being crushed by the United States, thus China launched their nukes and ended it all.

I am not interested in a Pre-War Fallout game. The Great War was intended to be the "before time" in the Fallout Universe. Not the main focus. There was a war a long time ago but now there is a new world born from the ashes. The new world is what I want to explore.

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I was thinking along the lines of something like Rebublic commando with the option to go solo or co-op, and each faction having their own unique gameplay. The Americans of course having heavy weapons going in guns blazing, while the Chinese have stealthy behind-the-lines style.

I know the Chinese were pushed from Alaska, but I think during that part, it would have the Chinese and American storylines move to China, where maybe it could show the devastation, and show sympathy to the Chinese for what was brought on them, and why they launched their nukes.

I also know that fallout has been about after the bombs fell, but I don't see why they can't have a change of pace. You see from the start of Fallout 4 that they are willing to try it. Imagine if they did not have that in there, and how if would seem if it started with you getting out of the cryo pod. It's one thing when they talk about something and another when you experience it. then if they had a pre-war setting, they could build off it. Play as someone in one, And in another become his descendent. This is in my opinion, hoped someone else was interested in the idea
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