I quite like Fallout 4, even though it's not Fallout anymore

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nope, because a "spin-off" just means a game in the same universe that is not part of the main series, ln this case, both Fallout 3 and 4 are PART of the main series, thus THEY are what fallout is now, whether you like it or not.

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Please go consult your nearest dictionary. I have nothing more to add here.

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Spin-off. From Wikipedia:

From the dictionary:

Also, for [censored] n' giggles, the dictionary definition of "sequel".


Nooe. FO3 and FO4 are clearly sequels, as they continue the theme of survival and rebuilding in a post-apocalyptoc environmemt, using the themes of what we knew of Pre-War USSA to keep it within the universe. They are not spin-offs, as they don't focus on only one side aspect or organization that was developed in Fallouts 1 and 2.

Unlike Tactics and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.
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Look for all those fan of Black Isle or Obsidian go play Fo1 or 2 or NV.

Like it or no Fo3 and Fo4 are part of the main series. Is more u guys need to get in your head that Fo1 and Fo2 werent hard-core RPG game like most ppl said they were. And also NV was a really weak game when u compare to Fallout 3 since it was super unbalance and broken in alot of part like how easy was to move on the faction system just killing stuff.

U like it or no Fo4 is a huge step on the right direction yeah it have problem i will not lie, like i really hope Bethesda improve the new dialogue system bc is a nice idea but i wish more options on it. or way to dont get lock from previews questions.

Thanks god Bethesda have move away from those old type of game since u look now most of the old Isometric game dont have a huge impact on the industries, and like it or no the only reason we keep getting game is bc they sell.

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Since this has turned into a series discussion, it's being moved to the series section of the forum.

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Does every topic have to turn into "Bethesda Fallout games aren't really Fallout or not" ?

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Sounds like it, though that wall seems to be breaking as more suporters of the originals are accepting/enjoying Bethesda's take on the franchise.
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The isometric view.

It's not a fallout game without isometric top down view either.
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I didnt get to play the game that much until Thursday...and iv'e played now for about 30 hours in the last 4 days. I've mad it to Diamond City but haven't started the main quest there. There are choices that you have to make. The Big Dig, Diamond City Blues come to mind. They affect not only your companions but other quest down the line. There may not be a Karma system in the game but I've heard NPCs comment on your choices, kinda like in Fallout 3. Your SPECIAL does have an affect on your character. I got to sleep with Magnolia and find more about her past having a high charisma. I could list many other example that I've seen but I shouldn't have too. Many new stories are told, many colorful characters. It's a big improvement over 3. It IS a good Fallout game.

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Brotherhood of Steel and Fallout Tactics were not made by the same company who made Fallout 1 and 2 (Black Isle).

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Interplay is the company that made Fallout 1 and 2, Tactics and Brotherhood of Steel. Black Isle Studios was a division within Interplay. So yes, they were made by the same company.

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Interplay is the Zenimax to Bethesda's Black Isle.

I'm certain that came out differently than I intended. Either way, this isn't even apples and oranges (Interplay and Black Isle) it's Farmer and fruit.

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Ummmm... no. Black Isle Studios is a division of Interplay. Bethesda Softworks is a subsidiary of Zenimax Media Inc.

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Yes, I thinkl they should add that option, maybe in a DLC. I like karma, wish they kept it, but the reason they dont have it is simple. AT the end of the story, your karma doesnt effect the actual ending. There are actualy only 2 cutscenes at the end you can choose from. Siding with 1 of the 3 of the factions, you get one ebnding, siding with the forth one, you get the seconed endibng. There are no multiple endings like in 3 and vegas. This is because the story never actualy ends. The game can be played after the main story is completed. Kind of like Skyrim, where you can side with factions and do different quests, but the story has no end.

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