Technical problems with DLCs I did not have in normal game

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I bought the game via Steam as GotY edition (German, although many dialog lines are still English, but I am used to that as effect of mixing German and English mods with the Elder Scrolls series, only point of importance is that I got it here without having actvated ANY mod) and played it once without having the DLCs activated. I had a big problem with the game freezing every now and then, but finally found the INI change about restricting the threading to two cores that helped (a big "thanks" to the forum, the technical support from Bethesda did not even mention it).

Now having activated all DLCs I get problems I did not have before. E.g. in Germantown police station I can't enter the cellar to save the second survivor fom Big Town because the game crashes (same crashes when leaving the Citadel courtyard for the final attack, but this one I could work around by fast traveling to the citadel outside), I get enemies and objects without graphical representation (I only have the white exclamation mark on red ground for global view and the PIPOS error when trying to pick up a weapon and view it in my Pipboy 3000) and also sending Fawkes to the purity chamber ended the game instead of starting the Broken Steel addon.

Also, I did not get any new radio station for The Pitt or Operation Anchorage (or do I have to visit a specific location other than Megaton and its surroundings in to get these) and the only addon that informed me for being loaded was Broken Steel (if I remember correctly what I read, the Point Lookout and the Mothership Zeta should announce themselves for a boat and a disturbance signal).

If this was an Elder Scrolls game, I would have checked the mod order to test for the problem with the graphics, but I can't even change the order in the Fallout 3 launcher, so I have to assume that the mod order does not influence the mod contents, anyway I think if this was a problem, there would have been a sticky for that topic in the forum too.

Are there any known problem (and solutions to these problems) that the DLCs add to the game? Is it a problem of the GotY edition not having the full DLC and therefore graphics are missing (and the game crashes for not being able to resolve problems with competing cell definitions)? I trust Steam to update the game with official patches, but are there any patches or fix mods I need to install manually (in Skyrim I had to install a fix mod for nearly every official mod, so I am used to this kind of problems fixed by the community and not by Bethesda)?


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