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PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:11 am
by maya papps
"Hnnnh. Critical subplex inquest: divine roster, supermundus physiotype."

Tiber Septim: "The Stormcrown manted by way of the fourth: the steps of the dead. Mantling and incarnation are separate roads; do not mistake this. The latter is built from the cobbles of drawn-bone destiny. The former: walk like them until they must walk like you. This is the death children bring as the Sons of Hora."

Arkay: "Lies from a previous age."

King of Worms: "The Jills of Aka-tosh have mended this numidition. Mannimarco remains as he was: the high priest of maggots."

Almalexia: "Hnnnh. Kyne and Mara and Dibella and sixteen Daedric elements: all contributed to the snake-faced queen when she touched the drum. Their sum? A Beauty Cala as none have seen. Cala! Wetness of Kingdom!"

Sotha Sil: "...incalculable."

Vivec: "Arenotelicon."

Dagoth Ur: "Sharmat. Dream-sleeved inversion, where the Biters live, he brought them here, pawn of the Aggregate."

Nerevarine: "Pantheon by incarnation, as all alive now know."


Pretty easy: "a creature that alternates between male and female."

Why not just "phase-shifting tranny"? Well, because sometimes the old words are best, as they ring with implied importance and are all long and spooky-looking.

In a more ES-Nu-Hatta sense (meaning Tamrielic theosophy): "The ultimate in all the marriages between."

How did MK come up with that definition for the word?
The only thing I can find it referring to is a

Also, I've never understood what the italicized text above was talking about. Can anyone offer me some help?