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The Journal of a Hunter

PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:08 pm
by Strawberry

Hey all, I have decided to wright a fan-fiction of sorts as a little experiment. Basically I have a character on Oblivion that is a hunter and I have decided to write a journal for him. This will be written through the eyes of my character and all the stuff that I will write about actually happened during my play sessions (I might exaggerate a few things to make it more interesting). I will be posting more as I do more stuff with him in game, so without further ado, here it is:

Day 1: I have finally started my journey! I have gathered the necessary supplies and have gone off into the wilderness. I wandered around and shot a couple deer. 2 or 3 wolves attacked me on the way but I dealt with them without a problem. I have come into a city that I forgot the name of and rented a room for the night.

Day 2: I woke up around 8:00 AM and sold all my wares at a local shop. I bought some new arrows but then went back to the inn and now I am having a drink or two. I think I will sleep until tomorrow after my drinks...

Day 3: I got up early and left the city to do some more hunting. I found a cave and decided to go inside to collect some mushrooms, when I saw a goblin! I pulled out my short sword and battled with him. After I killed him I explored a bit more only to find the entire cave was infested with goblins! I decided I could not let these filthy creatures stay here so I cleared them out and gathered my mushrooms, then left. I shot a couple of dear and wolves and entered a small town. It looked like some of the buildings had been burned and the people there did not seem to like outlanders. So I traded my wares and left them alone. I shot a couple more deer and a rat or two then set up camp in the forest. I am about to go to sleep and will make my way towards a city in the morning.