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A Treatise on Daedra Worship

PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 8:51 am
by luis dejesus

A Place to gather feedback for a WIP Treatise of Daedra Worship.




It is with esteemed joy that I am able to express, in this primary treatise of this fascinating branch of theological experience, an overview of the internal and external workings of Daedra Worship.

Due to the in-depth nature of this study that I pursued, I managed to gather a great quantity of qualitative and quantitative primary research to support the items of this treatise. In the Appendix, therefore, one will be able to find a description of the studies’ aim, procedure, findings, and conclusion, in Appendix I.

Furthermore, I eternally extend my sincere “thank-yous” to every one of the Daedra Worshippers who has participated in providing the detailed and plentiful research that has been collated into this Magnus Opus. Thus, while the methodology of the questions in the questionnaire the participants used will be revealed, personal information about them will not be.

Finally, the form of researching the Daedra and their worshippers has been taken from an extract from the book Modern Heretics:

“A researcher curious about Daedra worship might research in several ways: through a study of the literature...through questioning local informants, and through questioning worshippers themselves.”

– Modern Heretics