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Forgotten city mod : I need help (spoilers)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:45 pm
by Marine x

I think I may have broken the quest somehow. Or I just am not understanding what is going on.

I just started it, I am about 30 minutes into it.

After time travel, the first thing I found myself doing was running thru the underground tunnels and made my way to the dwarven dome (just barely because of the rad damage).

I talked to the arbiter. he did not like me and he attacked me, I got off a REALLY lucky shot with my crossbow and killed him. I took his helmet.

But once

I was out of the tunnels the giants darven robots were attacking everyone. There are too many for me to defeat but when I die the game just autoloads to back to when I came out of the tunnel and in the middle of the combat again with the robots.

I kind of thought I would die but travel forward in time or time would reset to before I killed the arbiter or SOMETHING.

As it is now I am trapped, I cannot kill all the giant robots, and when I die It am sent back to the same battle via the auto load.

Do I need to start the mod over again and do something else other than go to the tunnels?

This looks like a great mod, but unless I know what I am supposed to do now I will just have to delete it. I really would not want to have to do that. Good quest mods that are actually completed by the mod author are VERY rare for skyrim.

Forgotten city mod : I need help (spoilers)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 2:18 am
by Naazhe Perezz

You need to make it back to the lake house. Don't worry about defeating anything just run (or better yet swim and go around behind the lake house). An appropriate mixture of running, sneaking, and swimming should let you get there.

It is an excellent quest mod, but when it's over the city is much less interesting. So make sure you explore before you go back down again. And if you made it down to the dome and were taking radiation damage you must have some powerful healing magic because you should either be immune to it or killed by it very quickly. That combined with only taking about 30 minutes I'm guessing you have a few more things you could do before going back down and confronting him again if you want to get the most out of it.