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Advantages of Spells - Enchanted Items

PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 9:42 am
by Emilie Joseph

I've been replaying Morrowind a bit lately with a couple of traditional characters, a Nord Barbarian and a Breton Mage. I've come to the point where my Barbarian is a far superior spellcaster than my Breton due to the loads of enchanted rings and amulets I've found, while also having much greater survivability and versatility due to my mastery of arms and armor.

Does anyone know if there are any advantages to be had with Spells compared to enchanted items? I've been trying to find some, but there are 3 major things that makes the items seem like the better option for all characters.

1: Resources. Enchanted items have independent resources, whereas spells must share. 2: Instant cast compared to the 2-3 second cast animation. 3: Naturally regenerating charge that doesn't require resting.

I've noticed that items have advantages before, but it just strikes me how pretty damn apparent and unbalanced it seems now that I'm playing 2 characters like this.