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Laguage wrong in Fallout 3, free code From Fallout 4 pip-boy

PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 5:59 pm
by Red Sauce

Hello, I am going to repeat the same litany I have posted on XBox 360 support forum. Bear with me.


I am a resident of Belgium in the Flemish region, so my native tongue is Dutch.
My locale settings on my XBOX 360 are English for language an UK for location, just to be sure all my games are in English.
My Xbox menu is part English, part Dutch, details for Games are in Dutch, some adds come in French. But I can live with that, as long as the games are in English.

I recently bought the Pip-boy edition for Fallout 4 (English version), which comes with a code for the free version of Fallout 3.
But since I don't have an Xbox One yet, I was going to use the Free Code for Fallout 3, to DL on my XBOX 360.
After the DL, I started the game and to my surprise it was in French.
No choice possible in the game to change the language.

So I thought that Marketplace was confused and believed I lived in the French region of Belgium.

After some searching on the Internet, I decided the only possible way to get the correct language was to move my account to the UK.
Once this was done, the game still started in French, so it was a pure French version.
I removed the game, and started the DL again.
Unfortunately the DL stops at 80% and immediately starts again at 0%.

I've several times cleared the cache of my harddisk, rebooted the XBox, moved games from my harddisk to an external USB-disk, but still the same problem.
Maybe it doesn't allow me to DL the English version, since I already unknowingly downloaded the French version, but there is no message at all that indicates this.
In the meantime, I almost reached my Monthly Internet Volume, so I will not do anymore attempts, unless I am 100% sure.

I believe XBox Live/Marketplace had a problem with my Locale settings. When I set Language English in the Xbox, then everything should be in English and not mixed with Dutch and French, be it for Menus, Adds, and most important, Games.


Xbox support says, that if my language settings are English, I should get the English version.

Bethesda support says, Microsoft should give me a new redeem code.

Microsoft support says, we don't distribute game codes, only Xbox account codes, you have to ask the game developer, in this case Bethesda for a new code.

So now I wait for the answer from Bethesda.

Has anyone have had problems with Game languages who where wrong for downloads of Marketplace?

Remark: Don't change your account to a region where you are not in. You have to wait 3 month before you can move it back, and in the meanwhile it is impossible to download the free games that come with a Gold account. It says. This game is not available in your region.