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GECK crashing while attempting to creat weapons

PostPosted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 11:23 am
by Rob Davidson

Whenever I try to edit a weapon to create a god gun, such as the plasma rifle I get the error code:

File: C:\_Fallout3\Platforms\Common\Code\BSShader\BSShaderManager.cpp

Line: 1996

I can then "Abort, retry, or ignore" None of which work as then the program stops respsonding and crashed. After the crash Windows begins searching for the solution only to fail (surprise)

I am running Windows 10, I had this issues in the past on Window 8 but cannot remember what is needed to get this working again. The game was purchased through steam and I installed the GECK from the file downloaded via steam. I have also tried the file from the GECK site as well only for it to fail just as well. I am running the most recent version of the GECK at Ver. If anyone can help get this back up and running that would be great. I was directed here after speaking with Bethesda Tech support online. Sure I have Fallout 4, but hey you still want to mod Fallour 3 time to time with your own custom mods.