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Fallout New Story

PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:09 am
by GLOW...

Welcome to Vault 111, The most secure Vault in America. Secure your families future from the pending Fallout! In the case of a nuclear Fallout you and your family will have a secured spot in this state of the ark Vault! Don't worry about leaving things behind, our Vaults have all the emanates of the modern home. And don't worry little Bertha these Vaults always have a mix of genders so your sure to find the love of your life *Dating experience may vary* And you little billy! You'll find lots of little playmates for you too make friends with! And Mom and Dad, Enjoy the dwellers cabins for some "Relaxing time"! Don't forget to secure your spot now! Rep goes door to door asking families if they would like to secure a spot. Family secures. So on and on. Makes to another family. Rings door bell answers. Bomb explodes in new york. runs to vault. gets in. Waits 200 years in freezer. Gets out family is dead. Leaves vault. Wanders "Wasteland" Finds dog calls it "Dogmeat" Wanders around comes up to town. Guard says town is taken over by group of escaped convicts. I can handle myself. Wanders into town. See convicts hides behind wall. Takes out variant rifle. Shoots down one of 3 convicts. Gets shot in left calf. Takes stimpack from bag and stabs self with health pack. V.A.T.S Kicks in 95% chance of shot to head of one of the convicts. Shoots 1/3 bullets misses first shot. Takes 2/3 headshot Is decapitated. Last convict is shot and killed with 3/3 shot taken. Heads into old abandoned hotel. Finds mayor of town and takes out last convicts. Collects, Merc hockey mask, 9mm pistol, Nuka cola cap, 12 caps, Leather armour. Proceeds to help mayor to restore town. Heads back out with a wish of luck and some bullets. Dogmeat sniffs out caps and ammo. Finds car and restores it power. Heads in to new vegas and meets a guard. Guard sets up Man and dogmeat for life. Lives happily ever after with new family. The end.0.