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Commonwealth Anti-Brotherhood RP

PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2016 2:02 pm
by sam smith

Now then who-ever is left. Me and Paladin Lewis have been mulling over a new RP and wanted to put this out to test the water. The premise is that the Sole Survivor sided with the Institute after accessing it via the Railroad but was killed, and the Institute destroyed, by the Brotherhood of Steel who's assault proceeded as does in during the MQ just without the SS intervening. Now it's some months later, and the Brotherhood are still around and expanding their role in the Commonwealth.

Our role is to establish and organise an anti-Brotherhood of Steel resistance organisation from scratch, organically through input from the players, and develop a strategy to remove the Brotherhood of Steel. At the minute we're just interested in garnering some level of interest as-well as ironing out some of the details with anyone who wants to take part. Me and Paladin will Gm to a degree, shadow GMing in-character to establish plot details in-game.


It has been five months since the arrival of the Brotherhood of Steel in the Commonwealth and two since their resounding victory over the Institute. On the evening of Feburary 2nd, 2288, the Brotherhood of Steel assaulted the CIT ruins with Liberty Prime and destroyed the Institute. Bolstered by their success, the Brotherhood of Steel continue with the second-phase of their plans for the Commonwealth, assimilation; jubilant residents of Diamond City welcomed Maxson and his Paladins are liberators. Through-out the rest of the region however, tensions quietly simmer, as the Brotherhood of Steel enforces what has since been recognised as an occupation. Brotherhood forces occupy key positions along trade routes, confiscating items that they deem dangerous as-well as harassing Ghouls and other mutants. The Railroad has been destroyed, hunted down with their Synths by the Brotherhood, the Gunners broken into a diaspora of competing factions and the Minutemen strangled in their infancy. Few places remain beyond the eyes of the Brotherhood themselves or the growing ranks of Yeomen of the New Order, an organisation of Brotherhood sympathisers that controls Diamond City and its surrounding environs. Trouble brews in Goodneighbor, both amongst the exiled enemies of the Brotherhood of Steel and it’s free-spirited inhabitants whom fear that their way of life is about to come to an end.


In this RP you take on the role of an individual character whom is opposed to the Brotherhood of Steel’s occupation and is willing to fight to end it. The background can be of what-ever you deign as the enemies of the Brotherhood are many: surviving-Institute/Railroad/Gunners, mercenary, opportunities, raider, Synth – what-ever. The goal of the RP is the establishment of a force that can counter the Brotherhood of Steel in a manner determined organically through play and by the nature of our characters: some may wish to confront the Brotherhood head-on whilst others might prefer a more subtle approach.

The story begins on a rainy evening at Fraternal Post 115 along the northern-bank of the Charles River. The topic, the formation of a resistance to counter the Brotherhood of Steel’s grip.

Character Sheet:

You know the drill, fill it out and don’t be too OP. The only thing of note on here is the sub-section “Connexions”, the purpose of this is to include other persons that your character might have an involvement with, debts and favoured owed, friends in interesting places. People whom can be counted on to provide specialist capabilities to the resistance. Examples include contacts amongst the Triggermen, friendly weapon/chem dealers, etc.




Physical Description:






Commonwealth Anti-Brotherhood RP

PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2016 2:13 pm
by matt oneil

Would a Courser character be considered too OP? I was thinking of making him one of the last remaining Coursers or something after The Brotherhood systematically hunted down and destroyed most of them.

Commonwealth Anti-Brotherhood RP

PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:39 am
by James Hate

Honestly I'm not ruling much out, this isn't a nation RP after-all but based on individuals. Hell if anyone Institute related had any reason to not be their when it was destroyed it would probably only be a Courser. Whether you choose to bandy-about that your a Courser of-course would be up to you.

EDIT: If you we do start this I'll be playing my favourite character after-all, no reason to ruin other people fun.