What in FO 4 or its mods should be in a expansion, or FO 5?

Post » Fri Mar 11, 2016 12:47 am

Having played FO 4 at least once and checked out a few mods, what in the FO 4 universe would you like to see carried on into FO 5, or an NV style expansion; armor weapons, perks, skills, mods and abilities to modify?

I think bots should be as mod-able and collectible as weapons, armor and power armor. I would like to be able to have several bots to use as cargo carriers including the tools and gear to scrap and fabricate objects when needed.

I believe thick plush vegetation should be an option

Cargo/ utility-construction-bots should not count as companions; neither should salvage and repair bots. Thus, you can build a workforce of a dozen or so to do the magic of the workshops.

You use workshops to determine what should be scrapped, salvaged, built; where and how. The bots start scrapping indicated items for the resources to build with, to clouds of dust and construction sounds. Next they fabricate parts and components of what they will build where a glowing wireframe will stand until they are done, instead of an item that appears by magic.

The bots race around non-stop, doing their work all day, all night, maybe for a day and a night, (not in processor slowing detail while they work.) You lay out what you want to be scrapped and as they start scrapping you select and place what you want to build where you want it.

The day goes to night and back again (or vice versa) once you are done selecting and placing and now is time to survey your creation, (unless you have to repel attackers while the bots build).

I have barely begun to see all the mods, please provide a link to where we can view a Youtube video or links to reviews of your recommended mods.

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Honestly can't remark about mods at the moment as the creation kit isn't out yet so we have not seen the full potential of some very creative people. There are some quality of life mods out that certainly have made the journey more fun, but that's the tip of the iceberg. Id ask again around summertime.
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Phillip Hamilton
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Post » Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:29 am

Personally more lore integrated with people experience (Eddie Winter/Nick Valentine) and human interaction. Side quests that affect people in monumental noticeable ways (for good or bad) so as to enrich game play and re-playablility (blowing up Megaton as an example). About 1000 times more secrets to uncover be it in quests or locations. Locked doors, basemants, underground/underwater buildings and much bigger vaults (sorry but most FO4 sized vaults were a joke). Sprinkle in all those empty commonwealth areas gigantic unique caverns to explore filled with legendary items and quests. For starters...

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phil walsh
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Post » Fri Mar 11, 2016 9:07 am

xbox so have no idea about the mods

but id say to be honest the only thing i hope is in 5 from 4 is the weather (thats awesome), the atmospheric score and how PA is (how it opens and you get inside)

settlements would be good but they would seriously have to up their game otherwise leave them out and perhaps have upgradable player housing like skyrim and hearthfire instead

the weapon modding would be the only other thing except id much prefer it to be like NV rather than the 4 way.

personally i hope nothing else from 4 does

i dont like how generic and "streamlined" the game has become, its so bland.

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Becky Palmer
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Post » Thu Mar 10, 2016 9:01 pm

The ability to become a slaver.


The ability to actually do true evil things, such as blowing up megaton.

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Post » Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:16 pm

Probably no better time than now to start creative minds coming up with suggestions that will have a chance to make it into an expansion or the next installment.There is a mod that cleans up vaults and buildings and could make occupying a failed vault, government bunker or installation a lot more attractive.

How about ways to interact with other factions and survivors of the Institute. If not, form alliances, how about interfaction trade routes? How about scientists and researchers from different factions cooperating for the greater good. Virgil, Curie and Neriah cooperating to develop better medicines, vaccines, stim and anti-rad packs?

How about helping Institute survivors and their families integrate into settlements that will accept them out of the need for their scientific, technical and research skills. Maybe a settlement of mostly ghouls willing to support research on a vaccine or something to prevent ghouls from going feral?

How about Institute survivors helping create sophisticated but durable prosthesis for people and ghouls who have lost limbs, or have radiation-induced birth defects?

How about Institute roboticists helping create, tireless endlessly patient robot tutors and caretakers? How about communities that are largely synth and railroad sympathisers.

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Post » Fri Mar 11, 2016 9:34 am

I wish I had the ability to collect more modern weapons from enemies and have the Minuteman quartermaster issue them to the troops in the place of laser muskets.

The ability to align with another faction for the good of the Commonwealth would be a great development in the game.

I would like the ghouls to have more of a faction we could align with, ghoul settlements with people with lifetimes of experience mastering different crafts and skills.

I would like more examples of survivors with the can do, must do attitude of true, long time survivors. BoS and Military survivors like Ingrahm, ex-raiders and raider survivors, people who've stepped on a mine or tripped a booby trap.

Life is full of inspiring everyday people, any reason not to depict such as NPCs and set the bar higher to be an everyday bad ass. A lot of everyday people have it tougher than most of us ever have, and handle it every waking moment with greater strength and dignity than most of us have ever mustered.

They are not pitiful and don't have super powers, they don't swagger or bully, but you know they are tougher than you because they have to be, all day, every day, in the Wasteland.

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