Why do BGS hide a big decisive option in big quest lines?

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I just saw a vid on how to solve the civil war in Skyrim by diplomacy and sort of freeze the conflict. In the civil war quest line I would call that the important third option in the quest line (as siding with either side is the 2 first).

I am not saying that I read every dialog line thoroughly and anolyzed it, so a bright mind might read that between the lines doing the quest lines. But should important options as this be more obvious and in our face?

The same goes for the free for all choice in Fallout N. World. I didn't see anything pointing me to to talk to everyone in market to get this quest, so it is easy overlooked (in this case it is a important 4th option as siding with the either of the 3 factions are the 3 first). In this case it is even a more important option as turning away for the "minutemen-faction" takes a lot more since you have used so much time building for them and protecting them and probably sympathizing with their cause.

I also hope in future games that we see influecing of boosting a faction and finishing big quest lines (in Morrowind Tribunal the weather changed).

I Skyrim we could have seen more Imperial mansions, soldiers etc. as officers/nobility confiscate Stormcloak property and vice versa. Should the diplomacy track be followed through, we could expect to see more bickering in taverns etc. The trade coming to a hold etc.

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