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I saw this


and found myself thinking the exact same thing when I see enemy npcs they seem to be way more 'alert' in the way they move and this mod highlights that problem and solves it, It would be nice to see a small animation overhaul or switch out so that the player character doesn't look like it's oblivious when combat starts, perhaps maybe make it so that the sole survivor has different animations for being in combat and out of combat? Bethesda pulled it off with the Assaultron helmet. >_>

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Wut? Why?
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Devin Sluis
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Hmmm I don't see any problem with the Vanilla animations , I see that mod as simple variation , the only thing I find funny as hell in the vanilla animation is reload a weapon while walking at crouched position .

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Sarah Edmunds
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I've seen videos of special forces training in shooting room scenarios and on ranges. Some of the "tactical" mods animations are actually inaccurate based off of what i've seen. A good example of what i mean is seen at 1:16. The tactical animation has a lot of bouncing...just look at the weapon. The vanilla animation has very little bouncing and thats actually what i noticed in those SF training videos i saw. The shooters when moving and looking down their scopes would limit the movement in their upper body, arms and weapon while their legs walked about. The vanilla stance is more upright and legs arent as bent as a real shooter would be but their weapon handling is spot on. Also some of the tactical animations just look plain goofy. Like the running tactical compared to the vanilla running at 1:07. Looks like the tactical guy is rushing to go to the bathroom to take a crap. And some of the other poses have the same weapon bounce i was talking about. I think that the tactical mod would be better if he focuses on keeping the weapon steady as well as giving the character a realistic stance which he does (except for the tactical run).


EDIT: ohh and as far as what the OP is talking about. I think that all types of animations for character and NPCs could use a bit of work, not just for combat but idle stuff too. Like i mentioned a while back about how my first time in my Sanctuary settlement i watched Prestons friends just stand around the crops doing nothing but talking for several hours until it was time to go to bed. I had several chairs laid out for them but they didnt use them (they were far enough away from the tables too i checked). And one other one too is once you build Mama Murphy's chair all she does 24/7 is sit on the thing even if she previously had a bed assigned to her. It would be nice to see NPCs in settlements do other things instead of hammering the side of a house. If they are capable of doing other animations maybe the range detection needs to be tweaked or something i dont know.
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You mean like GTAV? Character expression and the way they move will change during cautious state
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Post » Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:26 am

GTA IV & V hava amazing animations, some of the best I've seen in a console game. Trying to control a drunk Nico Bellic is spectacular.

I've never liked BGS' animations much, they'r too stiff and jerky, and don't handle elevation changes well at all.

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The only problem I have with the animations is how the npc's animations seem more realistic giving the situation, They look like they're trying not to get shot and

that their reacting fast, as opposed to the default player character animation that always seems really sluggish and casual, the best example being the weapon

where you fire from standing position, the normal animation has you just standing straight and tall while you shoot, while the other one has the character drop

down into a bit of a squat like he's trying to get down as a reaction to being shot at you know? Character should actually react to being in combat by taking a lower

stance and hunching over like he's actually trying not to get a bullet in his brain, as opposed to just standing totally still whilst being shot at.

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Post » Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:56 am

I like being able to stand blankly like a boss in the middle of a battleground. I'd like a way to swap my walking animation for the other one though, that annoys me in all the games

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