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Hey guys, new to the forum.

For my first topic, I’d like to talk about a possible future elder scrolls game.

Recently I was reading all the books that I hoarded in Skyrim (I have a problem). I came across a book called Mysterious Akavir.

Its about a Ka-Po-Tun (tiger folk) that transformed himself into the largest dragon in history after the dragons went extinct in Akavir.

What caught my attention was the final page of the book, it mentioned that after the Ka-Po-Tun defeated the Tsaesci (the snake folk that killed off the dragons), Tosh-Raka’s going to invade Akavirs oldest enemy…Tamriel.

I think this will make a great game plot.

Akavir has invaded Tamriel several times in the past, so its not out of the question. Dragons have played a major focus in previous Elder Scrolls games, namely Redguard and of course Skyrim. Skyrim was focused around a Dragon Deity (Alduin). Alduin is the first born of Akatosh (or claims to be). Tosh Raka is himself a dragon god. The Ka-Po-Tun worship him as a deity and his name is a near anagram for AKATOSH.

Personally, having a game around the Akaviri Invasion sounds like a great idea.

Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll see it any time soon. There’s to much left to do in Tamriel and with a possible Second Great War between the Empire and the Aldermi Dominion looming in the horizon, I doubt it will come out soon.

Tell me your thoughts on this, and down with the Dominion!

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