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Hey guys, new to the forum.

For my first post, I want to talk about a possible future elder scrolls game.

Recently, I was reading the many books that I hoarded in Skyrim (I have a problem) I came across a book called "Mysterious Akavir".

It was about Tosh-Raka, a Ka-Po-Tun (tiger folk) who transformed himself into the largest dragon in history after the dragons went extinct in Akavir.

But the final page caught my attention. After the Ka-Po-Tun defeat their mortal enemies the Tsaeci (snake folk who ate the dragons), he's going to lead his army against Akavir oldest enemy....Tamriel.

I think this may be a possible plot for a future elder scrolls game.

The Avakiri have invaded Tamriel several times, so it is not out of the question. The dragons are a major focus in elder scrolls, with them appearing in RedGuard and of course Skyrim. I think having the world's largest dragon would be an interesting plot point. Skyrim focused around a Dragon God (Alduin). Tosh Raka is himself a Dragon God (he's worshipped by his people) and his name is a near anagram for Akatosh.

However, if Bethesda does decide to make a game about Tosh-Raka and his Invasion of Tamriel, I don't think we'll see it for a while. There's to much to do in Tamriel, and with a possible Second Great War looming, I think it will be a while till be see a game about Akavir or about Tamriel invaded by Akavir.

But tell me what you think, and I'm glad to be part of the forum!

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