Alcohols of Morrowind

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Ok I have a couple of opinion Qs.

1. What alcoholic beverages are actually of Morrowind origin?

2. Does anyone know or have an opinion on what native fruits, berries, or grains are most likely to be used for brewing and wine making?
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Jason Wolf
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Although many of the drinks like Flin, Mazte, Sujamma first appeared in Morrowind, most of them also appear in ESO outside of the province of Morrowind. (ESO takes place about 1000 years before TES 3.)

It seems like these drinks have been popular through-out much of Tamriel for a long time, so their province of origin is unclear.

But shein and mazte could very well originally be from Vvardenfell.

There's not a lot of info on how they are made, but here's what we know...

Flin: An imperial Whiskey, known for its ability to increase strength and lack of side effects. It is expensive.

Greef: brandy made from comberry

Nord mead: Self-explanatory (often with minty or other flavouring.)

Mazte: A cheap, plentiful, somewhat invigorating, and very popular brew produced from fermented saltrice. It is one of the cheapest alcohols in Tamriel.

Shein: a local wine of Vvardenfell that is brewed from comberry.

Sujamma: strong alcohol and fortifies strength.

Cyrodilic brandy: Imperial brandy, potent and expensive.

What this all means....

Well, whiskey is usually from fermented wheat or corn.

Brandy is usually from fermented fruit, corn, wheat, and many other things.

Mead is fermented honey and yeast.

Wine is fruits like graqes.

Tamriel has all of those things, as well as more exotic variations of what we have. Like saltrice and ash yams.

You can make a wide variety of alcohol from simply fermenting very basic ingredients, like a potato.

If it can ferment, it can probably be alcohol. The denizens of Tamriel have likely experimented with pretty much everything.

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Alcohol in Morrowind, I would have thought that bar Flin and Cyrodiilic Brandy, was all native to Vvardenfell

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The brandy sounds like it's imperial in origin. Typically for the input all.

Any thoughts on what Sujamma is made from, and if it's a Breweryear or winery product?
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