L.a.m.e and effects on sigil stones

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I would like to understand the behaviour inside my game for Sigil stones, given that I've got a few mods that do touch them all. Consider this: I use Fcom.

Now add that I use also:



L.A.M.E, namely this module, bgMagicItemSigil (This balances out every single sigil stone and premade enchantment. Main reason for this is to remove exploits (or making them much harder to get, like chameleon 100), and to make some underpowered gear (mostly quest rewards) actually useful, and to balance things a bit more out. Three examples: 1. Plain shield Sigil Stones are now more powerful than the Elemental Shield ones (which give, additionally to the shield bonus, elemental resistances). 2. The quest reward for the "A Brotherhood Betrayed" quest now has a small fatigue regeneration, because otherwise it was just a very weak fortify speed amulet, and not worth the trouble. 3. Fortify Alchemy and Fortify Armorer were replaced completely, because these effects didn't work at all).

What should I remove? I mean, is there something redundant? All 4 touch sigil stones, but I'm wondering which one should be the one that rules over them all.

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I probably asked the wrong questions. Let's ask others:

> Given that they all touch the same thing, am I wrong thinking that if I use Aulias just for the quest rewards, I have to choose only ONE amongst the other three?

> Or do the part related to the sigil stones inside Aulias, the one inside the l.a.m.e module, and Sigil stone unlevelled mix and do each one a different job? Because I'm tempted to use just aulias and l.a.m.e module. But I don't understand well the difference between Aulias and sigil stones unlevelled.

> Beside, is there a way to overwrite the sigil stones changes and make Fcom prevail no matter what?

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