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First, if mindboggles is still around, i'd like to know if you or anyone else has been able to export multiple keys from an animation on a static (non-character anim)?

I've tried multiple exporter versions for 3ds, but it only seems to export the first and last keys of any animation. it certainly doesn't like spline manipulated keys either. I believed it had something to do with supplying notes to the keys via the Scene Root bone, but all of my tests show that the in between keys are distributed behind/below the first and last keyframe in the nif. and their properties (time, length) are all messed up. trying to manually manipulate the keys in nifskope results in a nif that crashes the geck. So the best I have been able to do is 2 keys on any mesh. or just manipulating an existing animation via nifskope.


I'd like to translate the in game camera via script; is that possible in FO3? I think i've done it before in New Vegas, but it was through NVSE, couldn't find much of anything in the FOSE documentation; but i'd love to zoom in on certain objects; the only workaround I've found so far is making a bink video and playing it in game; its fine, but a little heavy handed. just looking for other options.

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