Any way to clear bounties without going jailpaying fine?

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...not that I mind playing the part of a fugitive/honourable companion. But some of these blur the lines between bug and crime.

So initially the botched assasination attempt in the DB netted me 3 murders for dispatching the Occulatus Penitwhasit agents who were physically body blocking my escape from the bridge. That's fair enough +3k haafinger. Later, a Solitude guard pulled an oblivion and psychicly tracked me across the border into Morthal territory, I saw a guard fighting a troll so I rescued him... turned out he was a haafinger guard, he attacked me near morthal and I had to kill him in plain sight of a patrol. +1k morthal

Now, I walked into Markarth (I've long finished Cidna mine), and a set of guards told me they would set me up for some murders, just because, after which all the nearby guards immediatly attacked me (Resulting in 2 more "murders" in my escape and self defence) +3k Reach.

Obviously this is making things awkward when questing - if this keeps up, soon there won't be a hold I can visit without drawing aggro xD. I'd sooner slaughter every last nord in the reach than go to jail for their false accusations or put more gold into their coffers though. And if solitude thinks they can send their agents to come assasinate me in other holds and then turn that hold against me they can think again... but is there any in-game-in-character-options besides joining the thieves guild and bribing the guards or using the console (Which is not really in character)
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Eddie Howe
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thieves guild? isn't there someone there that can get rid of bounties just like in oblivion? i haven't needed it so not real sure....
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I'm not in the thieves guild but i read they can bribe guards. But thieves guild ain't my bag; Dark Brotherhood certainly can't (And besides I've left them behind long ago ;p)
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I think you would be surprised how similar the thieves guild and DB are this time around.
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I'm not in the thieves guild but i read they can bribe guards. But thieves guild ain't my bag; Dark Brotherhood certainly can't (And besides I've left them behind long ago ;p)
well if you are the thane of the hold you can usually just tell the guard that and if the bounty isn't too high they'll clear it (but this only works once per hold).

if not you can try to bribe or persuade the guards but then your speech skill comes into play.
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I believe if your speech is high enough, you can bribe the guards, but that gets expensive REAL fast.

This ^ goes over your general options. In your case, if you're not in the thieves guild, you're going to have to pay in full or go to jail.

I also seem to remember if you're Thieve guildmaster, you can pay half the bounty.
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If your speech is high enough, you can persuade the guards to drop all charges. A few times I have talked myself out of murder.
For example during the DB quest where you poison the "Emperor" I was confronted by a Solitude guard. As he tried to arrest me, I said: "Can't we just forget about this?" And he replied: "Fine. But don't do it again."
I don't know the limit though. My speech skill is 100.

EDIT: I tested this again to make sure I wasn't talking rubbish and it turned out I was. Though the guards will leave you alone if persuated, this will not clear your bounty and the guards will harrass you again (however I could persuade them several times without failure, so if your bounty is low enough there is no reason to pay it off or go to jail).
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