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I know this game uses this, even when people have said it doesn't need this to be done anymore.

This isn't related to the 1.4 patch, but I'm getting texture/mesh stretches in my game. LOD's can stretch up to the heavens. Trees/grass nearby can stretch and be elongated across the ground for no reason. Architecture even spazzes out. What does this? How can I fix it? How do I go about updating this, if needed? Does the .BSA's conflict with the mods in the folder directories? I have no extra and unnecessary folders; ie. "Data\Data".

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Please post:
  • Screenshots
  • Your mod list
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Archive invalidation isn't used anymore in Skyrim. Try updating your gfx drivers, try removing the 2 INI files and let the game regenerate them, and then try to remove mods. If that all doesn't work, then do a reinstall and use Mod Organiser in the future to keep all mods in separate folders so it's a lot easier to troubleshoot.
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