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Hello poeple of the elder scrolls, i'm new here, but for some time now, i suddenly became interested in modding skyrim, but noy only that, RP'ing and storytelling started to interest me quite alot.

I can't say that i am a very die hard elder scrolls fan, but i can tell that i do like skyrim, both lore-wise, and game-wise, as it quickly became clear to me that i wanted to play skyrim 'my way', for that, mods are needed.

It always interested me, thus, the modding community became a interesting place for me to start my journey to look for just the right mods. Skyrim is a great game in my eyes, but for me, it always lacked that one thing, that one thing called 'immersion', it's clear i'm just not satisfied being 'just the dragonborn saving skyrim', i'd rather be a 'immersive, non-dragonborn character' that has her/his own story, her/his own past and future, her/his own mark in skyrim.

This, is where my interest for story-telling comes in aswell, but as a child, i did once wrote a short story, and my teacher back then noticed how 'advanced' it was for somebody of my age, it was short, but powerfull.

This is where i set my first steps into story-telling in Skyrim, and in this story, i tell the story of a rather 'Unique' appearance of a fictional character that i made with the help of mods made my amazing poeple in the modding community, a female character that is a mixture and crossing between a imperial and wood elf, this however, is something that the aldmeri dominion and the empire don't take lightly, something that leads to a vulgar dispute between the two.

Aryn, that's her name, her story, and her mark on the land of skyrim.

- Old Aryn-

- New Aryn -

On a further note, if poeple are interested in knowing how i made her look this realistic, then You may send me a PM regarding this.

She is my avatar, but, for the poeple that wish to see her in full resolution, can click the link above.

Change 1: I have changed Aryn to a wood elf, that still is a half-blood, she shares the blood of a imperial, and this should still resemble on her face.

Further more, i made this change because there is going to be a plot twist that you as a reader can decide on as the story goes.

Little hint: it will have to do with the racials a wood elf has. A New picture will soon be uploaded Showing her new look, but that still needs some fine tuning aswell. ;)


Aryn, the half blood

- Introductions -

Hello dear reader,

I'm melvin, a simple guy that like many of you is interested in gaming, movies such as 'the lord of the rings' and 'the hobbit' and also in card games. I have a rich amount of fantasy poeple always say, so rich that i sometimes can inpersonate and act as a person from a movie, a poster, you name it.

In this story, i will do my best to reflect this. I want to take you to a far, far away land, where humans are not alone, and even split up in different races, such as a 'nord' or 'redguard', to a land where cat's are not just simple cat's, and where lizards are not only lizards, where other beings with pointy ears exist, beings called 'elfs'.

I want to take you to a land called 'skyrim', and most of you already know that Skyrim is in a civil war, and that the game is set in the fourth era, the era where the dragons return, a era where you as a player become the hero and decide the outcome of that civil war.

This story does not tell the tale of a 'dragonborn', but tells the story of 'aryn danara', a character i have created in skyrim with the help of mods made by amazing poeple, and this has allowed me to make aryn 'unique' to her kind, at least she is for her father and mother.

Aryn is a half blood, she has imperial and wood elf blood running in her veins. This results in a interesting mixture, facial recognision of a wood elf, but still, she also has a imperial expression. her height, ears and bone structure of her face, well, those are wood elvish, but, she has the body, muscle structure, nose and mouth equal to that of a imperial, her skin tone is a mix between the two.

Now, with that out of the way, you know already who she is, but to know who her father and mother are, and more inportantly, who aryn will become, we have to go back to the beginning, where it all began... for this part i will have to use my spell on you, which i like to call 'the dreamer', i know, this may all look very suspicious, but trust me, nothing can go wrong.

As you close your eyes, images of memories start appearing before you, it takes some time to puzzle them together, but a set of memories appears before you, and indicates you in your dream to start with them, so you understand where to go to next...
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- Chapter 1 -

a unexpected turn

21th of sun's height, 4E 180

Thank you for reading already up to this point, but Chapter 1 is still undergoing construction and finalizing.

Everything is subject to possible change with notice.

As a further notice: the whole story has undergone 1 change already, which i told above, the story in it's whole, is already laid out quite alot.

Release date chapter 1: between the 19th and 21th december.

- By Melvin (MelloBE), 17th of december, 2016.

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