Automatron: good dlc but lacking

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Ok this is a complaint topic so yeah.

Anyway the DLC is fine it is fun and adds so much to the game. (defending the castle against the institute with 4 sentry bots is just overkill)

but it has problems

First off the weapons, they are fun but well lacking.

1. both melee ones only have one mod and it is electrified. This means both of them become useless fast as better weapons start spawning literately one level after the DLC is active.

2. both melee weapons scrap for ass. I have seen 4 buzz saws and 2 assaultron blades you would think they would give res when scrapped but they seem to give nothing. The buzz saws should give steel, oil, and gears at least.

3. the lobbing tesla rifle, oh my god this thing is fun, but it is lacking as you have to be skilled as hell to use it, if you are not well it is just wasted potential.

suggestions for weapons.

buzz saw

give it another mod slot (handle) and add a blade mod or two.


handle mods: short (lower range faster speed on the saw), medium (standard), long (thrusts weapon like a spear saw is slow moving, ignores 10% DR on thrust it)

blade mods: irradiated blade (Adds radiation damage), electric blade(already in), heated blade (consecutive hits reduce enemy DR), and double serrated blade(adds bleed and increases damage)

assaultron blade

1. give it the same mods as the Chinese officer sword.

salvaged assualtron head

1. give it freaking mods, this thing is basically a pistol laser musket with a dumb down side, while yes the downside is fitting for what it is the lack of mods means it is a collectors peace something you use once then put in the crate.


give it three mod slots: shielding (face shield), battery (charges holds) and lens(beam type)

shielding: factory standard(basic), reinforced(cuts radiation amount in half), sighted (give a sight to the head increasing accuracy), reinforced, sighted.

Battery: improvised cell (standard), FC holding (holds 20 charages, fires 5 at a time) high capacity improvised cell (+4 to max charge)

lens: standard (fires one quick beam), repeating (fires in pulses 2 pulses per charge, counts as automatic), focused (increases range and damage), cracked (splits beam into 5 random spread)


only complaint here is the fact that the helmets seem to be hard to get, as it is I have only ever seen one eye bot helmet and this is after 3 playthroughs of the DLC. That and the fact the eye bot and assaultron helmets prevent you from wearing glasses which makes no sense.

suggestions: not much here, though I really think the assualtron head should be moddable.


assualtron head

mod slots: face plates, misc

face plates: standard, reinforced (higher balistic protection), reflective (higher energy protection), filtered(when closed puts a glass cover over the eyes gas mask filters added to the lower plates, +60 rad protection). reinforced filtered, reflective filtered.

misc: head lamp( puts a head lamp on the helmet giving a flashlight has 2 types standard and bright), targeting computer(marks enemies/allies in range), AI modual (adds an AI that will automaticly in jet med-x, and stim packs similar to the power armor mods, has a voice as well)

Rust devil complaint.

after attacking them they will unleash hell on your settlments seriously after taking their base out I am attacked by them every other ingame day. it is annoying to the point that I have started to spend more time jumping between settlements to defend then to actually play the game.

Mechanist bots

not much to complain about here other then that [censored] [censored] dual bot, that thing has killed me even with a level 37 in x-01 power armor.


holly [censored] this is a fun part of the DLC, but it has problems, sentry bot legs get caught on everything, robo brain treds tend to cause anything not a robo brain top to flip out if they hit a rock. and some of the weapons are just well meh at best.

note: I think the lack of back weapons for the sentry bots are sad, as you have a missile launcher or 2 versions that can break, atleast give an option to do something like add an auto loader that doubles attack rate for ranged weapons on that side or a hydraulic pump to do the same for melee.

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Elizabeth Davis
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Post » Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:27 am

I use the Eyebot helmet with glasses and it works just fine. B)

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phillip crookes
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Post » Wed Mar 30, 2016 9:35 pm

hmm can't seem to use welding goggles with it, may be a bug.

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sunny lovett
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Post » Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:05 am

The tesla rifle is amazing with an energy weapon build. Literally the best part of Automatron imho.

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yeah Tesla rifle is OP if u have a energy build i been using it.

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Mimi BC
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Post » Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:47 pm

Take a look:

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BrEezy Baby
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you wouldn't happen to be on PC with this mod?

cause That image is impossible unmodded.

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Dale Johnson
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No I am not.

I do play on PC, but I am only using a reshader. It shouldn't affect any gameplay aspects aside of performance. Also, my game is updated with the latest patch so I don't know what's going on.

I tried it with the Assaultron Helmet and it doesn't let me. But I think the eyebot one is working as intended for me, just take a look at the vaultboy icon, it appears as a headgear only, while the assaultron also covers the eyes area.

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Jesus Lopez
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To be honest if I had one complaint about the DLC is the fact I killed 2-3 legendary robots during that last part of the quest only for them to be disappeared and me losing my well earned loot(whatever it was). That pissed me off. if they're going to disappear at least leave them on the floor or something. :cry: :cry: :cryvaultboy:

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Robert DeLarosa
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I am really finding it hard to not compare this to a paid version of Robco Certified. Nice options for the robots but..yea..its pretty much Robco Certified for fnv.
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Sista Sila
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It's not a surprise that mods influence content. They've directly stated that. There are also a TON of players out there that do not use content mods, on top of the console users that do not have that as an option yet. If they avoided anything that's been done with mods before, they wouldn't have a lot of things. Such a silly argument that I see brought up all the time. Mods are great and I love my heavily modded NV but most of them don't come anywhere close to the polish of officially made content. Maybe 5% out there

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Shouldn't we be happy that bethesda is taking inspiration from mods and creating official content with it?

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