Avoiding "Kill Paarthurnax" Quest

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This pretty much sums up my first skyrim playthrough exactly.
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bonita mathews
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As far as the game goes, if you leave Paarthunax alive after you get the "must kill" mandate from the Blades, I believe you can still get "find Word Wall X" quests from the greybeards.

If you kill him, you can continue getting random "dragon hunts with the blades" quests from Esbern, the temporary blessing from Esbern, and the quest that gives you the potion with a permanent perk (this appears to be bugged now, at least on 360) if you don't do it before the mandate.

I do stock up on unenchanted blades swords at Sky Haven Temple, though, so I like to help them up to the point they straighten up the place.
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Juan Cerda
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correct me if im wrong but the only other blade missions is to find more members for them isnt it? so you would be better off staying friendly with the greybeards since they can help you with finding word walls
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I agree with you here. The Blades are worthless now and Paarthurnax actually helps you defeat the other dragons. I love him and wouldn't want to kill him off for a couple of crappy Blades quests. He is an awesome old soul and I like the conversations you had with him.
I like the blades just because it reminds me of my Oblivion character who became part of the blades but I agree with you with Paarthunax. He's a good talker and I kept him alive. The blades aren't what they used to be.

I think I may investigate making a mod to verbally dress-down the Blades into submission for their brash hubris once the CK comes out.
Of course, no voice work for the dialogue, but the "Voiceless Dialogue Breaks Immersion" crowd can go drink milk. :P
I will look for this mod. I think another option to their little quest or whatever who make it easier though. When they sit there and tell you to go kill him there should be another option that says, "Ok, I killed him." Then they go on about their day with the normal congratulations, he deserved it speech that is already made for them to say. Not like they are ever going to be able to go to the Throat of the World and see for themselves and Paarthunax doesn't ever come down since he stays to himself doing his meditation. Seems like an easy fix to me.
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i think it's time to put the blades in thier place forcefuly
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