Beautiful Little Pixels meets Fallout 4

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Hi everyone, I’m new here and I would like to share with you guys a little project of mine that started in May this year which I believe has enhanced my immersion in game worlds. Born out of frustration my job at the time didn’t really allow me to be creative in anyway outside of laying out information, so I turned to my hobby of videogames to vent some frustration and expand my skillset.

Beautiful Little Pixels landed me a new job within a couple of months of me starting and I am now encouraged to push my self and learn as much as I can whilst I do so, to the point I have began to edit video as well as take in-game photographs.

In short, here are some links to what I love doing, any constructive feedback or advise would be greatly appreciated, and I promise, the next video is going to be an action piece.

And other stuff:




Thanks for any interest, there will be a new video weekly and I intend to update this thread when I have more progress, see you guys in the Wasteland!

EDIT: Updated the youtube link as I have changed channels.

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