Beginner help: Some general things for a system.

Post » Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:16 am

Hi all,

Thanks for wanting to assist. I'm new to CK modding, but have some experience modding other games. After going through basic tutorials in the CK wiki, I wanted to start a small (but probably too ambitious) project. However, there are some things I'm pretty certain can be done, but don't know how.

Basically, I want the player to be able to manage a mine (to keep things simple, just the Embershard Mine). Some things I don't know how to implement are:

  • Checking whether a dungeon is cleared or not

  • Preventing a cleared dungeon from being repopulated

  • Having a function that puts items into chests at a specific time each day

  • Spawning NPCs to do specific animations (like mining)

  • Managing global variables (like the amount of miners the player owns)

Any help, even general comments, are highly appreciated.

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