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Okay, we all know it is going to happen anyway - a new Fallout by Bethesda. FO4 has earned a lot of money, nothing strange in wishing more. Here are some advices by a gamer that actually turns a critical eye on games, the one that actually do care about quality, not quantity. I don't know people working in BGS but I am allowed to hope there are people who want to make something more than money, the art maybe? Too ambitious? Nevermind.

The advices:

- hire professional writers - the point number one occupies its position not without a reason; it is MUST in your future games. Since Oblivion the writing in your games stands on low level, no argue on that. You must improve the writing if you want to stand any chances against studios like CD Projekt Red or Obsidian. Dialogues in Fallout 3, Skyrim or Fallout 4 seem to treat a potential reader/listener like teen-years-old-dumb who prefers shooting than reading your work in dialogues. It's sad because Fallout always was about good writing (no way Fallouts 1,2 and New Vegas would gain so much love without its good writing). You've got opportunities, there are many talented writers in the industry (ekhem...ekhem...Chris Avellone...ekhem...). A good RPG requires good writing. Obviously, right?

- get rid of shallowness - Fallout 4 is painfully shallowed; RPG elements, dialogues, quests. It all feels... simplified. Wrong direction, I guess. Video games are believed to be more and more advanced. Your games follow the path back instead. Just remove blood and swears in Fallout 4 and the game will be adressed to kids at age 3 or above. Take it under consideration, please. Stop treating all your fans like idiots, some dont like it at all.

- learn from Obsidian - they did create New Vegas - the Fallout game that occupies the first place on the 'Favourite Fallout Game' list in one of this forum's threads. They've created Fallout as Black Isle Studios and there no doubts they do understand the universe as nobody else. They could give you some useful advices with a wide smile on their faces. They love Fallout.

- learn from your own mistakes - you can't think Fallout 4 is a perfect game. It isn't. Neither Fallout 3 was. To be honest, only Fallout 2 seems to be perfect.... but you get the point. I feel like you didnt take a lesson from 2008. You did a step back by making Fallout 4, the same step back is even bigger when you compare 4 to New Vegas. It feels like you enjoy making worse and worse decisions or you being just too ignorant to percieve the fact anyway.

I don't write this to hate your games. I dont want that. I want to enjoy your games, I want to enjoy Fallout again - the only thing you must do, is to allow me to do that by making something better than just mediocre RPG video games.

Thank You

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